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queen bee of the Upper Kink Side
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28th-Nov-2014 08:11 pm - Closing up gg_km_mod
blair (4)
Will post future updates to Dreamwidth on my Dreamwidth journal.
blair (4)
Originally posted by gganon_mod at LiveJournal version of the meme closing
I hate to make this suddenly after revising the rules here, but this version of the LiveJournal meme will close on November 15.  This is because of an influx of spam comments to the LiveJournal version of this meme.

Don't panic!  There are still ways to get your kink fix!

  • The LiveJournal version of this meme will stay open, but all posts will be frozen, as to prevent spam comments.

  • We still have a Dreamwidth mirror which will now become the main meme, [community profile] gossipgirlkinkmeme.

  • Although the Delicious account will not be updated anymore, it will still remain open.

  • The Pinboard account, however, will be actively maintained.

Please give me a bit of time to migrate some things here and there to make sure the Dreamwidth account is cleaned up for future kinking purposes.  Otherwise, if you are working on something, get it in to the LJ version of this meme ASAP.
4th-Jul-2014 01:24 pm - Meme update 7/4, part the second
ed & chace in out mag
I went into the meme and deleted comments that were under now-deleted prompts and fills,  I also deleted comments from a previous mod, judging comments for not having "kinks" in them.  (Those comments were not made by me.)  I also deleted some of my other comments since they don't fit in with the revised rules.

I added a few stray prompts to the meme's Pinboard account.  (I probably am not updating the Delicious, not at this current time.  Delicious works better now than it did when it was on the verge of closing for good, but I still have problems with Delicious.) 
4th-Jul-2014 10:51 am - Rules update 7/4
blair (4)
Originally posted by gganon_mod at Rules update 7/4
I updated the rules; they're now less stringent than they were in the past.

This probably won't increase the activity of this meme, since this meme has been deader than dead since last year, I guess, but it's always nice to revive rules every once in a while to make sure everyone has a chance to participate without feeling like they're being judged for any reason.

I'm always around, if you have any questions or concerns.  PM me or email me--I'll get to you as soon as I can.
11th-Jan-2013 03:03 am - Mod Update1/11/13
blair (4)
A few things:
  • I've mirrored this community at Dreamwidth, at gossipgirlkinkmeme (this time, the anon meme took gossipgirlanon, and I feel it's more fitting for them than this kink meme).  Feel free to leave and fill prompts either there or here, but I will not, at this current moment, attempt to add Dreamwidth links to the community's Delicious or Pinboard accounts.  And please leave feedback about the site design--whether it's hard to read, hard to navigate, etc.
  • Delicious has gone through yet another site change.  The bookmarks and tags can be clicked on, but the bundles on the side still do not work and Delicious hasn't found a way for maintainers to delete or hide the bundles.  Delicious should be still fairly easy to use, but if you're having any problems with it, remember that you can also use Pinboard to access the meme's bookmarks.  (Also, Pinboard hasn't drastically changed anything at the moment.)
  • Since I usually don't have a high order of bookmarks to put in Delicious, I will still be using Delicious and Pinboard to bookmark comments unless Delicious does something even more drastic.
That should be it for now.
15th-Jan-2012 07:30 pm - Porn Battle XIII!
nate (4)
Porn Battle XIII - Lucky Thirteen:
Prompts: Sunday 29th January - Thursday 2nd February 2012
Battle: Sunday 5th - 19:00 UK time Monday 13th February 2012
1st-May-2011 07:21 pm - mod note May 1
chuck (3)
I meant to post the big bang challenge at the kink comm.  I'll make a bigger announcement later in the week, I hope, but I want to ensure anyone who is curious that all entries in the kink comm are pubic.  There is no hidden post where fannish discussion is held in the kink comm.  WYSIWYG.

The reason why you cannot join the kink comm (but can only watch) is so that I can moderate the posts going in and out of the community.  I do not want other people accidentally submitting posts that have nothing to do with the kink community to the community so I have more work to do than I already have.  I'll post fic challenge promos here and there, but I will never post a friends-only post to discuss fannish discussion.  This meme exists solely for your kink fic (and other fic!) writing pleasures.  And especially since I have an e-mail address and an open LJ inbox, I hated to find out about this news through the grapevine.

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the open post, send me a private message or email me--it's all out there for anyone and everyone to use.  I don't bite. 
blair (4)
But first, a self-note: I need to make my tutorial for the Springpad.

Other than the affiliates--and I've just added jessicaxszohr and ontd_tvdiaries --the comm has been listed on the Kink Meme page @ TV Tropes.  I've got us listed at 4theloveofkink and I'm about to go through this post and see if a previous moderator hasn't added us.  

Any other suggestions for pimping this comm out without banners?  (Banners are coming, promise.)  

(Comments will be screened because of incoming spam comments, but I promise if you have any legit suggestions, I'll publish your comment.)  
9th-Jan-2011 10:26 am - modly update 1/9
blair (4)
I know not a lot of people aren't actually following the mod account, but I wanted to list my changes to the comm anyway.
  • I'm currently in the process of giving the comm a complete look overhaul.  I would say my account's overhaul is pretty much done, however.  I've switched from a Basic to a Plus account; the most significant change is now you can expand comments in the comm.
  • I am still tagging entries and putting them into Springpad.  What is throwing me for a loop right now are several entries that appear to be unfinished or placed in the wrong area (to the point where they look like finished stories randomly placed in the meme rather than answers to a prompt).  It's a shame one of the previous mods didn't track the comments going into the meme to make it more orderly.  
  • I have also cleaned out the prompt section.  I intend it to use it for prompts only.  Once the Springpad is completed there will be new rules.  Hopefully these rules will be lax enough to get in some new prompts in the meme while allowing older ones to be filled.  I am also considering adding a discussion section a la glee_kink_meme  if needed.  It pains me I had to get rid of a discussion of rape in kink memes...but it wasn't a prompt or a fill.  And, for starters, you may want to read this article about rape in fanfic for a defense of rapefics.  Also, check this wiki article out about the history of rapefics.  Hopefully, as your new mod, all kinks will be successfully defended as valid kinks, no matter how squicky others find the kink.
7th-Jan-2011 08:40 am - new mod
blair (4)
 Saying hi!
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